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Outsourcing Training In Dhaka

“How to do effective Outsourcing?” - one of the most bewitching question that is asked around by fellow peoples who want to build their career in this vast field. This is something that can’t be achieved from out of the blue. You need to do proper planning, put your utmost effort into the particular outsourcing field you want to build your career. You might be experienced or just taking your first step into outsourcing world. Surely you will find yourself in need of a smart trainer or a outsourcing training institute who carries a well reputation. Atique IT can be your first hand choice if you share the same view of achieving outsourcing training. Because as a renowned Outsourcing Training Institute in Bangladesh we will make your learning processing very easy & smooth. Our training plan complies with Web Design, Web Development, Advance Web Development, Graphic Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing & CPA marketing strategy. Learning Outsourcing in Bangladesh can be tricky because there lots of outsourcing training center all over the country. But having good trainers with proper course plan has made Atique IT well known in Dhaka city let alone Bangladesh. So make your step calculative and smart. Select Atique IT for your outsourcing training.

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If your conscience is clear then you have come across the thought that. Now-a-days from necessary chores to entertainment world; everything needs to have attractive design capabilities. This is where Graphics Design plays a big role. And a professional graphic designer can make huge impact on the appearance of a web page, website contents or video contents. Anything you name. So being a skilled graphic designer can be a mile stone in your career path

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A web designer’s job is to settle all the design issues into website. After a website is built all the issues are not resolved until the proper usability ensuring which includes user friendly interface, proper content managing, making it SEO friendly et cetera. So a skilled web designer make a website usable for user and other technical personals. An attractive web design can provide a great user experience of your website.

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Web development means creating or developing a website for public use in online or for private network. It involves all types’ activities like coding, making website responsive for different types of devices, including SEO friendly features et cetera. Basically web development make things happen that could have been never possible if it wasn’t applied in the first place for a business website.

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For any type of business purpose making a website or creating attractive interfaces are not enough. Because in online world everyone tends to search things in search engine result. For perfect exposure you need to optimize your website for search engine. This job can be done through SEO activities.

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Now a days web service activities have crossed the limit of their previous horizon. The emphasis on different features has completely changed the features of a web page. Dynamic attributes are added for different purpose. Fulfilling those needs advance level web development is must.

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Online or digital marketing rules marketing activities in online world. It can facilitate any website/product/service with potential clients. It involves all sort of social Medias like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, google plus, Pinterest et cetera. Online marketing can be a great choice for your future profession.

Graphic Design Training Center In Dhaka

Atique IT put a lot effort to create skilled and professional graphic Designer. The trainers we provide, they have mastered their skills in graphic designer field for a long period of time. So the students we train they get in touch with theoretical knowledge & professional touch as well. Our course plan mainly focus on illustration, print media, template designing, Game designing, image editing, drawing & painting. So if you choose any graphic designing training center in Bangladesh; you can definitely make Atique IT, an IT firm in Mirpur, Dhaka.

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Web Design Training In Dhaka

Atique It prefers web designing as a decisive factor for creating high quality website. We train to create individuals who can really make difference with quality work in web. The trainee will get chance to acquire working knowledge; like as converting PSD to HTML, HTML 5 and CSS3, UI designing, creating responsive design et cetera. Basically we will leave no stone unturned in web designing. We have arranged the course plan in such a way that you will learn web designing from firsthand experience to producing perfect professional’s individuals. So make your decision for most influential Web Designing Training in Dhaka.

Web Development Training In Dhaka

Our web developing training strategy follows PHP, MySQL and Wordpress. You will learn how to create a fully form website with implementing all the attributes. Also you will be well informed about the mostly used frameworks that all professional & business web service agencies follows nowadays. We keep you updated. After finishing the total course you will be able to work in any work frame you want.

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SEO training center in Dhaka

After completing the SEO course under Atique IT you can consider yourself a full professional on SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. We have been maintaining this course from the beginning with huge responsibility & with total passion. We got specialist on SEO. So you will be able to train yourself with real life experiences. Our course comprises with both off PAGE & on Page SEO. We can guarantee high success ratio if you follow the course plan. We try to maintain quality training service among other training center in Dhaka.

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Advance Web Development Training In Dhaka

Atique IT acknowledges the necessity of learning advance level web development. Because with the technological evolution the requirements and features of website building is changing day by day. Now everyone needs professional who are mastered in advance level web development. That’s why we train the new trainees with advance web development course. This course plan will cover ins and outs of HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, jSON . So if want to get equipped with this course and enrich your development skill then get scheduled in this course under Web developing training center in Mirpur, Dhaka.

Online Marketing Training In Mirpur, Dhaka

Atique IT covers Facebook marketing, twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing, google plus marketing, email marketing and other social medias. You name it. This online marketing training session will enable you with full capability to be a full digital marketing executive.

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