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Introducing Ourself

We help by delivering thousands of products, uncountable releases and unbroken communications with our clients. We measure our success by the client's satisfaction. We have a tremendous team for building great products, services and experiences. These products deliver over thousands of people, engage approximately million of users every day and obtain million of dollars. We ideate, design, build, deploy and assure our clients for quality works. We create the products keeping software development life cycle in mind. We believe in partnerships with our clients, whether we’re taking on specific projects, building teams that work collaboratively with our clients or creating labs dedicated to meeting our client's unique needs. At every level, we do what it takes to turn your ideas into value for your customers.

Field of Work

We work with both start-ups and technology giants, including most of the top global technology brands. We are a strategic partner in a broad range of industries including enterprise technology, telecommunications, digital media, e-commerce and medical devices. We’ve designed and built many world class websites, deliver software for various kinds, design and deployed embedded systems, built complete product lines and set up innovation and sustaining labs with hundreds of people.

Why We Different

We believe winning products must have great design and world-class technology execution to stand apart in fast moving, often crowded, always competitive markets. Our main objective is to help our clients for any ethical and responsible work. We are 100% professional in our field. This is what Atique IT is built to do. You can easily find the deference between us and others by testing our product, our services and so one. We believe in ethics. By providing an unparalleled range of design and technology expertise, we enable you to stay ahead of the competition by delivering superior products to market faster. We are best for our services, reliability, honesty and popularity.

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A. N. M. Razibul Hasan

Managing Director

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Ahmed Shalehin


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Kamrunnaher Lira

General Manager

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A. B. M. Atique Ullah

Chief Executive Officer

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Irana Nasrin

Creative Director

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